2024 Autism Law Summit

October 17-18th, 2024
Boise, Idaho

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Who should attend?

The Autism Law Summit is designed for a diverse audience of individuals interested in the legal aspects of autism and promoting inclusive policies.

  • Legal Professionals: Attorneys, lawyers, legal advocates, and paralegals specializing in any area related to autism law

  • Parents and Caregivers: Parents and family members of individuals with autism who want to learn about their legal rights and advocacy strategies

  • Advocates and Nonprofit Organizations: Advocates working in the autism community interested in staying up to date with legal developments and gaining insights into advocacy efforts

  • Healthcare and Service Providers: Medical professionals, therapists, and service providers involved in supporting individuals with autism

Meet the Doers

We are proud to celebrate the award winners of the Autism Law Summit by honoring their invaluable advocacy contributions.