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The Autism Law Summit is an annual event dedicated to discussing legal issues, policies, and advocacy efforts related to autism spectrum disorders. It brings together experts, policymakers, advocates, and individuals with autism to explore and address the legal challenges faced by the autism community.

The Autism Law Summit is designed for a diverse audience, including attorneys, policymakers, educators, healthcare professionals, self-advocates, parents, and caregivers of individuals with autism. Anyone with an interest in the legal aspects of autism and promoting inclusive policies is encouraged to attend.

The main goals of the Autism Law Summit are to foster understanding and awareness of legal issues affecting individuals with autism, promote policy changes that benefit the autism community, and encourage collaboration between legal professionals, advocates, and stakeholders to improve the lives of individuals with autism.

The Autism Law Summit covers a wide range of topics related to autism and the law. Some of the common themes include legal rights and protections for individuals with autism, special education laws and advocacy, healthcare access and insurance coverage, employment and workplace accommodations, housing and community integration, guardianship and decision-making, and combating discrimination.

Yes! The Autism Law Summit provides ample opportunities for networking, collaboration, and sharing of ideas. The event typically includes panel discussions, breakout sessions, and interactive workshops where attendees can engage with experts, fellow attendees, and organizations involved in autism advocacy. These interactions facilitate the exchange of knowledge, resources, and best practices among attendees. Additionally, the Autism Law Summit hosts "Dining with Strangers" the first night of the conference to encourage people to mingle with other attendees they have not previously met.

Registration details for the Autism Law Summit can be found here. Select the registration type and then you will be prompted to purchase. Early registration is often encouraged due to limited seating capacity. 

Yes, the Autism Law Summit offers continuing education credits for attorneys (CLEs), BCBAs (BACB credits), and Psychologists (APA credits). Other types of certificates or certificates of attendance can often be made available upon request. To gain access to these credits, please also select the CEU Credit option at registration.

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No, each person will need to register separately for the Autism Law Summit.